Iron Eagle 10K

Our line of tandem axle flatbed trailers with a gross weight rating of 10,000 Lbs. This trailer is your best choice if your typical cargo weight will be within 2-1/2 to 4 Tons (5000-8000 Lbs). If you need a higher weight capacity, consider the 12k Series.

Heavy duty ramps are included and are stored securely under the frame. Ramps attach to the rear to load vehicles and equipment and also attach to both sides of the trailer for side loading capability. Loading stabilizers extend to support the rear of the trailer while loading heavy cargo to drastically prevent frame stress and improve safety.

Stake pockets are included on all sides of the frame to accommodate 2×4 lumber which enables you to build whatever style of removable walls or railing that you need for your particular application. There’s a tie-rail along the perimeter of the trailer for securing your cargo in any configuration. Stake pockets also double as excellent tie-down points.

This model is available in two versions Standard and Dovetail. The Dovetail version is angled down at the rear and will better accommodate low ground clearance vehicles.


Available Sizes:

Length: 14′, 16′, 18′, 20′

Width: 6′-10″ (Between Fenders)

Color Choices (No additional charge) Black, Charcoal, Cobalt Blue

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