Big Bubba’s Trailers

We are a proud dealer of these great Trailers. Best Prices around on a Utility Trailer.

Big Bubba’s Trailers are made from the finest materials and assembled in Ogden, Utah. With Their precision welds, durable flooring, and tough powder coat finish, Their trailers are the best quality. We offer a wide range of trailers to get the job done and an even larger variation of each trailer. Come see us today!

Standard 6 Wide Utility
Deluxe 6 Wide Utility

Standard 7 Wide Utility
Deluxe 7 Wide Utility
Standard Car Hauler
Deluxe Car Hauler

Deluxe Package:
With this package, you’ll get all you need and some! 7 D-Rings and highly sought after Fender Step/Brace, the trailer also comes finished with the Rubber Mounted Lights. Enjoy hassle free towing and parking knowing with confidence that these light cannot be accidentally broken off.  Hop in and out of the trailer with easy on the diamond plated reinforced fender step to secure your load down using 7 of the welded in place D-Rings.