Iron Eagle 3K

A simple flatbed that you can customize as you see fit. This versatile low cost trailer utilizes the same durable frame design as our other single axle models but without walls. Stake pockets are included which accommodate 2×4 posts allowing you to configure and build your own custom walls. There are several examples in our photo gallery.

The 3000 Series utilizes the same frame and running gear as our Voyager and Magnum series utility trailers. A simple ramp accessory kit is also included that enables you to make a pair of inexpensive and effective lumber ramps if you need them.


Available Sizes:
4×6, 4×8, 5×8
5×10, 5×12, 5×14
6×8, 6×10, 6×12
6×14, 6’6″x10, 6’6″x12
Color Choices (No additional charge) Black, Charcoal, Cobalt Blue

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